Thursday, November 29, 2007

This time it's real

We now have data showing prices nationwide dipping 0.4%.
The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight has published these numbers. The 0.4% price drop is a comparison of prices in July-September 2007 vs. July-September 2008.
There's a story on the front of the Star Tribune if you want the down and dirty.

Yun, the big economist for NAR (National Association of Realtors) remains optimistic. He anticipates no more "major" price drops. Remember, he's the one that kept saying "Slow market? What slow market? The market is great!" Marketwatch has a nice article ripping Yun on this one.

But, all real estate is local.
I am seeing sellers begin to give up. Lots and lots and lots of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. Lots of sellers will be taking their houses of the market in the next few weeks before Christmas, because it's so slow and showing your house is a hassle.
The houses that remain on the market are great bargains, for the most part. Anyone trying to sell their house this month are dead serious about selling. I think my current buyers will be getting great deals.

The condo market is pretty much desperate.
Certain neighborhoods have a lot of foreclosures, which is pushing down prices. Those that need to sell have slashed prices back to 2002 and still aren't selling.

How do we come back out of this?
Incomes needs to rise, and home prices need to remain steady.