Friday, August 22, 2008

Newsflash: Caron NOT to be Obama's VP Pick

At this late hour, I can now announce that I will NOT be Barak Obama's VP pick.

While friends, family and neighbors have speculated that I was speaking with Obama's campaign during my extensive and furtive cell phone conversations, it was simply clients, loan officers, other realtors and the occasional robo-caller.

My Sunday "open house schedule" has also been suspect, with family assuming I was spending time at Obama's Raymond Avenue Minnesota HQ. I was actually in St Paul and nearby suburbs, holding open houses.

With my extensive experience with the local real estate market, the foreclosure crisis, my credentials as a board member of the Lexington Hamline Community Council and prestigous Bachelor of Fine Arts, I was a must-call for the campaign.

However, I have decided the campaign trail would simply take too deep of a toll on The Annoying Cow Dog and The Brown Dog.

I have referred the campaign to other Famous LexHam/St Paul Bloggers. We'll see how they respond to Mr. Obama's inquiries.

Petit Flower
LexHam Rand
The Pirate
The Dork
Little Latin Lupe Lu
Blacktop Desciple

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Lex Ham Rand said...

I must also issue a blanket denial that I in any way have ever been possibly under consideration for the post of Vice President, a position described by John Nance Garner as not worth a "pitcherful of warm spit."

Though Obama is clearly jealous of my prestigious Hamline law degree (Hamline ranks just ahead of Harvard in the alphabetical listing of law schools - look it up!) I must now and evermore decline his entreaties.

Besides, how could I relocate from such a tony address as this? Lex Ham to Georgetown? Talk about downward mobility!